Kit & Tricia McDermott

Kit and Tricia have been in full-time Christian ministry since the late 1980’s through Klesis Ministries, a counseling, Spiritual Direction, and retreat ministry.  They are vastly experienced lay counselors and Tricia is a certified Spiritual Director. They served on staff at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Simsbury, CT where they offered all the services listed on the Soul Care page and directed the Center For Renewal Retreat Ministry. In 2008, the McDermott’s helped plant imagine/Northampton, the church through which they currently offer these same services in their roles as Spiritual Formation Catalysts. In addition, Kit also offers the PLAYMAKER Profile of Motivational Design to help people understand their natural motivational design and gifting.

Their desire is to see people operate out of the freedom and hope they have in Christ as they allow him to carry their burdens and heal them from brokenness, pain, and wounds that have been inflicted by others causing maladaptive strategies rather healthy strategies for overcoming their past. They work hard to free people who are captive to fear, trauma, and emotional wounds, which can distort and cripple their sense of value and meaning. Because of their creative backgrounds as a jazz musician (Kit) and an artist (Tricia) they are able to do this in innovative and imaginative ways.


Jim Lamontagne

Currently the teaching catalyst at imagine, Jim holds a Th.M. from Dallas Seminary with a focus on Old Testament and Semitic studies and the Greek New Testament.  With over 20 years in ministry, Jim is passionate about teaching scripture and seeking out ways to innovate.  He has been playing electric bass for over 30 years in a variety of bands and loves jazz, fusion, blues and R&B.  A published writer, Jim loves the creative process. Mission and creativity drive his heart and he longs for the church in New England to seek the God who is more than it can imagine.  He currently works as a consultant in Talent Acquisition for a major healthcare company in Hartford, CT.  Jim lives in South Hadley, MA with his wife, Karin and their son, Liam.


Kevin & Janet Williams

Kevin and Janet first met while attending Cairn University in Langehorn, Pennsylvania. Kevin graduated with a B.S. in Bible and Christian Education, with an emphasis in Camping Administration, and Janet received a B.S. in Bible and Social Work. In 1994 they began full-time ministry at Pine Brook Camp in Shutesbury, MA where Kevin serves at the Executive Director and Janet as the Operations Director. 

Kevin is also the co-founder and director of Peek Outdoors, a program launched in 2012. The program is offered through ADC Prevention and Associates of Springfield, MA and seeks to provide “at risk” youth with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities utilizing outdoor settings and activities. Janet shares this passion for reaching urban and underprivileged kids with the gospel by taking them out of the city and into the outdoors where they can experience the beauty of God’s creation.

Married in 1992, Kevin and Janet are proud parents of two children, Karen and Chad.  In their free time, Kevin and Janet can be found at their home business, Diamond Match German Shepherds, where they breed, raise, and train high-end, imported German Shepherds. You are likely to run into them hiking on a wooded trail, paddling on a lake or river, or perhaps training one of their service dogs in town. Kevin and Janet began attending imagine in 2012 and joined the Leadership team in the Spring of 2014.