Someone once said, “You can really know a church by watching how its people consistently live out the values that define its most treasured beliefs and commitments.” The following values reflect how we want to be known. 


We want our life together to reflect creative sensibilities whether in and through worship, events, service, or community life. We’ll seek to harness the arts and creative thinking as a way of being and to share this with others to draw them towards intimacy with Christ.

Deepening community and friendship

We will work to experience life together as communitas: communally shared Kingdom values, and the passion for that which we’ve been given in one another. We have an abiding passion to live for the greatness and glory of God and his Gospel of grace. We recognize such communities of spiritual friendship can change the world and we want to be one of them, even if in small ways.

Growing habits of outward missional service reflecting love for God and people

We want everyone who comes to imagine to develop and embrace a life habit of outward missional service. By use of the word habit we’re describing an unfolding mindset and spiritual attitude, a growing habit of looking at the Christian life as a combination of intimacy with Jesus out of which flows the missional way of living day to day.

Building up one another (and others) in the way of freedom, grace and sacrificial love

People have remarked spontaneously over the years that we are a church which extends grace to others. While not perfectly, we’ve wanted to be such a community and still do. We remain committed to the notion that everyone who joins our community will experience freedom to work out their life with Christ without pressure to be perfect. We’ve always said we’re a community of the broken redeemed. We want our way of life to be one of building up others in the way of freedom, grace and sacrificial love. The sacrificial love part enables us to be sure that in our freedom we give our lives for others with increasing frequency, individually and together. Therefore, grace for us is not the freedom to do as we please no matter who suffers, but to do as God pleases in and through our lives.