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Imagine in 2016

We plan to begin gathering for worship again. More than likely we’ll worship in homes until we grow to where it won’t be possible to do so. We have also talked about collaborating with others already established here, We’ve been having discussions with one group, but nothing is in place yet. We are also considering […]

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The Advent Oasis at Southwick Community Episcopal Church

When we went to Covenant Presbyterian Church aka “The Barn” in Simsbury, CT before launching imagine/Northampton we inaugurated a Saturday night worship event called OASIS with members of the worship team of which Jim LaMontagne and I were a part for many years. Father Taylor Albright, the rector of Southwick Community Episcopal Church, used to […]

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Relocating to Springfield

At the end of August, we relocated as a church to Springfield. Kit and Tricia McDermott moved to 96 Byers Street where they now reside and have church offices in their home. Since moving, we have not met formally as a church for services, taking a break to refocus. We have met socially, however. The Leadership Team has stayed […]

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Here’s What imagine Will Look Like Going Forward

Last Sunday, I presented and explained the outline below. In it I lay out a rationale for how imagine as a small, missional church community will seek to REDUCE (our costs), REFOCUS (our potential and resources) and RE-LAUNCH (our mission in Northampton and wherever else God summons us). The 3-R’s are necessities for getting back […]

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