Premarital, Marriage and Family Counseling

Healing relational wounds and providing practical tools to help couples or families strengthen bonds and develop a mature commitment in the face of pressure, stress, and unexpected events. We help identify individual gifts, strengths, and motives to better relate and overcome conflict.  Surfacing potential problems or hidden expectations and providing practical tools to grow the relationship and establish strong foundations in the areas of communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, money management, power transactions, roles, and spiritual formation.

Counseling for Individuals

Coping with addiction, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, grief or loss, and other issues. We help people overcome emotional blockages so they can fulfill their potential and lead lives of constructive wholeness.  This includes teenagers.

Inner Healing

An in-depth process through which painful or traumatic memories are taken “captive” and made “obedient to Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5). Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, who guides the person “into all truth”, we are able to uncover deep wounds and lies that have held him or her captive in resentment, shame, guilt, or fear. Going back to a wounding memory in the presence of the risen Lord Jesus, and letting him heal the heart, brings truth, peace, forgiveness and freedom.