The Advent Oasis at Southwick Community Episcopal Church

When we went to Covenant Presbyterian Church aka “The Barn” in Simsbury, CT before launching imagine/Northampton we inaugurated a Saturday night worship event called OASIS with members of the worship team of which Jim LaMontagne and I were a part for many years. Father Taylor Albright, the rector of Southwick Community Episcopal Church, used to join us to play guitar at OASIS. Though conversation with him we thought it would be wonderful to do an ADVENT OASIS at SCEC. So we gathered musicians including Tim Preiser (who was on the OASIS Team at the Barn as well), Eslie McDermott, Jim laMontagne, and Taylor. Tricia served at the Event Coordinator. She gathered Catherine Gibbs, Bill Curran and Michelle Paine to adorn the walls of the sanctuary with art. Actress and playwright¬†Jasmine Myers wrote and performed a dramatic monolog as Mary.¬† Tricia also, with help from folks at SCEC, coordinated a delicious buffet dinner prior to worship for all who attended. We heard feedback later that people were deeply moved spiritually leaving the door open for other OASIS events.


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